Now 'How To Clear Up Your Name From Blacklisted By CCRIS PTPTN'

PTPTN blacklist remove quick and easy. Now 'How To Clear Up Your Name From Blacklisted By CCRIS PTPTN'. Have you ever tried to apply for housing loan and suddenly out of nowhere you application got rejected? When in fact you paid your car’s loan (if any) right on time on you never even applied for any other loan? 
Well try asking this to yourself – ‘Have you ever taken PTPTN loan before’? If yes – then are you paying them regularly or no?

If you answer is negative to the final question, there are high possibility that your housing loan is rejected due to your name has been blacklisted by CCRIS PTPTN.

BLACKLISTED?? – Yes! PTPTN is now practicing this method due to high amount of loan borrowers whom pay back the amount that they have loan.

So, don’t be shocked if this matter happened to you.

Nevertheless, for this entry, I’m going to share with you on ‘How To Clear Up Your Name From Blacklisted By CCRIS PTPTN’ or PTPTN blacklist remove tips for you.

Here are 10 useful PTPTN blacklist remove tips that you can try.

1. Do postpone your housing loan application if you know for the fact that your PTPTN loan payback is not in a steady term. If you still want to proceed, there is high possibility that your application will be rejected.

2. Print out your CCRIS record and do a double check with PTPTN CCRIS Department.

3. Go to the nearest PTPTN branch and bring along your CCRIS report.

4. Inform the in-charged PTPTN officer that you wanted to clear up your name from the PTPTN CCRIS record.

5. Inform the PTPTN officer that you want to ‘reschedule’ your payment. Meaning that you can negotiate with the officer to lengthen you period of payment so that you can have a lower monthly payback.

6. DEFINITELY – you will have to pay half of your outstanding amount of PTPTN loan. The PTPTN officer will advise you on how much you will have to pay.

7. Get the reschedule letter or ‘Surat Pengesahan Penstrukturan Pinjaman’ from PTPTN. This document will be needed to include together when you wanted to proses your housing loan application.

8. Start paying on monthly basis according to your new rescheduled payback.

9. The following month, print out the latest record of your CCRIS. It should be ‘ZERO’ by then.

10. Now, you may proceed with your housing loan application without any worries!

There you go! I hope that these PTPTN blacklist remove steps will be beneficial for all readers out there. No one wants to be blacklisted. It’ll affect lots of things for sure. So, if you are somehow related to this entry, what are you waiting for? Let’s clear up our name and have a better process in doing our housing loan for in the future!